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  • Writer's pictureTerra Thomas, MS, NBH-HWC, CHPC

Happy 33 To Me!


Happy Diabetic Birthday!” said the most adorable 15 year old as she peaked her head out of bed this morning with majestic views of the limestone rock formations coming out of the ocean and jungle vegetation in the backdrop of our glass walled villa in Thailand.

I felt my sea of emotions swirl looking into her eyes… she understands the significance of the day to her Mamma.

It is a big one in our family… it supersedes the day I was born in our priority of family togetherness and celebration.

Today we celebrate my freedom living with diabetes and the richness it has brought into each of our lives.

Most of my 33 years living with diabetes I’ve been able to adventure in some capacity on March 27 as a reminder of what I value.

Today we enjoyed jumping off the roof of a big longtail boat and snorkeling reefs in the waters around a handful of islands.

We finished off the day night swimming in the bioluminescence.

My Littles, sunshine and 88 degree ocean water play on a boat at sunset…

As I tuck in tonight I’m sending love and appreciation to all my d-family! Love you!


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