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A New Dawn: My 51st & Fresh Feb

Love every soul in this photo!

 On the 12th of January, as the first light of dawn painted the sky, I stood on the beach, flanked by friends and family clad in beanies, puffys, and robes. Some stood tall, others nestled into beach blankets in the sand, all cradling warm drinks that steamed gently in the crisp morning air. This moment was more than a birthday; it was an affirmation of life and a testament to the Well-Living philosophy that is the heartbeat of Terra Thomas Coaching.


Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes over three decades ago, I navigated life with a belief deeply entrenched in my nervous system—the belief that I might not see life beyond 50. This was a narrative I was handed the day I was diagnosed, echoed by my healthcare providers. Yet, as I stood there on my 51st birthday, watching the bright light rise above the ocean, I felt those old beliefs being swept away, replaced by the undeniable truth of my presence in this new decade of life. Surrounded by loved ones eager to embark on this day's adventure with me, we celebrated with a rejuvenating swim in the cool Pacific waters.

My Sis & I after our swim!

This journey with diabetes mirrors the universal human experience—each of us encounters hurdles that can be transformed from burdens into beacons of growth and self-discovery. On this special day, my sunrise swim symbolized another release of limiting beliefs and another dive into what it truly means to live well.


Speaking to families of newly diagnosed children, I'm often asked for a single piece of advice to help navigate this new reality. Overwhelmed with new routines and concerns, these parents seek clarity and support. My response is a reminder that resonates with us all: "Create the environment they need to become who they are meant to be. Diabetes doesn't change that, parents do."


"Create the environment they need to become who they are meant to be. Diabetes doesn’t change that, parents do."


Lake, my daughter, & I pre-swim!

With two children of my own, I vowed to model a life with diabetes that was full, unencumbered by 'what ifs'. It is this commitment to living that I share with my clients — encouraging them to shape their lives and environments in ways that support growth, acceptance, compassion, and fulfillment. The Well-Living philosophy, an integration of well-being and well-doing, isn't just about managing challenges—it's about thriving amidst them, creating practices, routines, and support systems that align with our true selves. Obstacles become the opportunities, and life opens in ways my clients never dreamed. This has also held truth in my own life. (see photo below!)

January has been a tough month for many, including close friends, family, and myself. We entered the new year with aspirations, only to find ourselves off course. As we step into February 2024, let's embrace the new month with open arms and a renewed spirit. Let's let go of the shame and judgment from unmet habit formation, trusting that this is not the quality of living we seek. One filled with disappointment in ourselves and an expecation things won't go our way. "January is so 2023." It's time to begin anew, with love, vitality, and grace.

As we welcome Fresh February, let's do so with the intention of living a life aligned with our highest aspirations. Each step, each challenge, is an opportunity for growth and joy.

Leading with love and inspired action, we always win.

I had the opportunity this past year to strut my Goddess energy wearing a gold dress across Playa. May each of you find your Goddess energy and strut it in 2024. I am looking forward to the opportunities waiting for all of us in 2024!

Well-Living with a smile!

Join me on this journey of Well-Living. Embrace the new month as a chance to reach higher, leveling up your path, release what no longer serves you, and step confidently into a future filled with possibility and hope.

Let’s make February the fresh start of something truly beautiful.


Terra Thomas MS, NBC-HWC, CHPC is a health and high performance coach with an inspiring story. Triumphing over Legg-Calve-Perthes disease in her early childhood and living with Type 1 Diabetes since 1990, she has transformed her experiences to shape a unique coaching philosophy. Terra's own journey, coupled with her adventures in activities such as ultra-running, skiing, backpacking, waterfall ice climbing and SCUBA diving, have provided her with invaluable insights and a perspective that challenges conventional norms. Clients have experienced transformative results under Terra's guidance, discovering their own path to freedom and well-living. Beyond coaching, Terra embraces worldwide explorations with her two children, constantly seeking out new breathtaking landscapes that fuel her spirit. She also finds solace in the tranquility of sunrise by the ocean outside her Santa Barbara home and the magic of human connection dancing late into the night alongside her love tribe. Terra's unwavering dedication to embracing life fully serves as an inspiration, empowering others to embark on their own extraordinary journeys.


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