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  • Writer's pictureTerra Thomas, MS, NBH-HWC, CHPC

Diabetes Athlete Insights: FASTING

Have you ever wondered if you can fast and perform? As athletes we often are so focused on fueling to shave seconds or recover optimally we might miss out on the benefits of getting intimate with who we are by playing with nutritional biochemistry. Personally, I’m in this thing called life to figure out who I am, how to serve others to do the same in their life and have an amazing, sexy, hilariously, lit-up time with my minutes here!! You? (I just got off a Zoom meeting and grabbed a mini-dance break listening to “Throw Some Ass” by Sofi Tucker - SO GOOD!!)

Personally, I’m in this thing called life to figure out who I am, how to serve others to do the same in their life and have an amazing, sexy, hilariously lit-up time with my minutes here!! You?

Diabetes has such elevated stigma around when to eat, how to eat, blah, blah, blah… I felt the convention of what over-stressed and totally depleted doctors told me as the only way to find my well-life, LONG AGO. Truly as athletes, trying different approaches lets you know what does and doesn’t work. Go gleam insights from others but then go test it on yourself and PRO TIP: not on race day!

Not much in the scientific literature around diabetes serves the attitude of an athlete… so I figure it for me, always and forever. That is what you will find here, what chatGPT can’t tell you.

I began my fasting practice in 2014 when I started to explore the pros/cons of following a ketogenic way of eating, I have learned quite a bit but absolutely adore what fasting has taught me about my thoughts, my body sensations, and my emotions I’d attached to fueling & food. For me, decades living with type 1 pretty much layered a brick wall to having an intuitive, inclusive, and integrated relationship to fueling. And I feel immense gratitude to have removed those bricks and continue to implement what I learn in the performing realm (life and athletics). Those living with diabetes have the biofeedback metrics down like ROCKSTARS, it's layered into our subconscious. It is the relationship to the metrics many still have a wall around and now with biofeedback metrics swimming in our culture, I get to use my authority in this domain to serve even more humans.

With my clients, btw I work with both people living diabetes and those who aren’t so fortunate, but for my clients interested in looking at fasting for themself, they are amazed at what they learn about themselves on many levels. So, I am posting about it incase you have found yourself curious.

For me, I can have an absolutely kickass training session in a pro-long fasted state and I access all sorts of benefits in the health of my cells and most notably with my metabolic, stress, growth, sex and regulatory hormones. At 51, f*ck yes please!

Now a few things… yes I don’t always listen to what my doctor say but check with yours.. I don’t want to be responsible for suggesting something you go do and then get in trouble trying. If you have a medical condition, situation or circumstance - use your head and even if you don’t use our head.

A fasting practice works for me, it might or it might not work for you. Nothing more and nothing less.

Fasting while training makes me feel incredible, it might do the same or not for you. Nothing more and nothing less.

happy mondaying…


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